Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is defined as any law, ordinance, or
policy which pertains to a specific dog breed and/or breeds, and does not
affect any others.
BSL affects ALL dog owners, not just the owners of the targeted breeds, but I will speak from a more
personal point of view. Rottweilers and the people who own them have been denied Home Owners'
Insurance, housing, and descimination in all forms of public opinion, based soley on the BREED of our
beloved pets. Our dogs are being judged for the DEEDS of a select few animals from irresponsible
owners and not the merrits of our own dogs

We must take a stand. We must take the time to care about these issues. Not just for Rottweilers, but
for all breeds unfairly judged as "INHERANTLY VICIOUS" and therefore expendable by the standards of
the general public. Write letters, emails to your public officials, legislators and your insurance carriers
and let them know that this will not be tolerated and is a pure violation of our right as pet owners as well
as property owners. SPEAK OUT AGAINST BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION, before our right to own
any dog is gone. YOUR BREED COULD BE NEXT. It is only a matter of time.
Washington State Breed Specific Dangerous Dog Legislation
~  Auburn - Dangerous Dogs (with BSL), Ordinance No. 5829 and 5996
~  Burlington - Dangerous Dogs, Chapter 6.08
~  Clark County - Dangerous Dogs, Chapter 8.18
~  Colville - Dangerous Dogs, Chapter 6.10
~  Des Moines - Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs, Chapter 8.16
~  Everett - Dangerous Dogs, Chapter 6.08
~  Fircrest - Dangerous Animals, Ordinance No. 1399
~  Kelso - Dangerous Dogs, Sections 6.04.252-.256
~  Kirkland - Dangerous dogs (with BSL), Chapter 8.05
~  Lynnwood - Dangerous Animals, Section 6.02.025
~  Kennewick - BSL (Pit Bulls)
~  Mason County - Animal Code,
Chapter 4.08.050 and .060
~  Mercer Island - Potentially Dangerous Dog, Dangerous Dog, Vicious Dog, Section 7.04.111-120
~  Mill Creek - Dangerous Dog, declaration and certificate of registration
~  Pasco - BSL (Pit Bulls)
~  Richland - Wild, Potentially Dangerous, and Dangerous Animals,
Section 7.03.320
~  Royal City - BSL (complete ban of all Rottweilers and Pit Bulls)
~  Seatac - Dangerous Dogs (with BSL),
Chapter 6.05
~  Snohomish County - Dangerous Dogs, Chapter 9.01 and9.10, Ordinance No. 02-042
~  Tacoma, Chapter 17.04
~  Whatcom County - Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs, Section 6.04.090-.730
~  Yakima - Dangerous Dogs (with BSL angainst Pit Bulls), Chapter 6.18 and Section 6.20.160-.170
Before purchasing a rottweiler, make sure that you are educated to
your area's legislation regarding BSL and inquire with your Home
Owners' Insurance as to any breed restrictions they may have.
Below are links to websites dedicated to the fight against BSL.