We appreciate anyone who takes the time to fill out our ADOPTION QUESTIONNAIRE.
Please understand that filling out the questionnaire in no way, guarantees that we will have
a puppy for you , at this time, and BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS reserves the right to
refuse anyone, for any reason. We do not have litters very often, but if we don't have
something for you at this time, we may know of other kennels that have available litters and
we would be happy to pass your completed questionnaire on to them. We often have
rescues and/or fosters needing homes, so please check out our
RESCUE page. The
questionnaire must be filled out and submitted to adopt a rescue, as well as any new puppy
placement. This questionnaire is to aid us in finding the perfect forever home for all dogs
placed by BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS. Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire.
You never know when the perfect Rottie for you, will come along. We will not give prices via
email correspondence and a completed questionnaire must be on file with us prior to
extensive phone conversations regarding our dogs.

Thank you
our stud contract
Please contact us for more information and copy of our contracts.
Please check out the following informational pages