This contract is to insure the integrity of this dog’s bloodlines and to prevent any future disagreements between the two parties,
hereafter referred to as “buyer” and “seller”.
Buyer(s):                                                                                                    home phone#                                    cell#                                  

mailing address:                                                                                                                                                                                             

physical residence (if different than above):                                                                                                                                                

email address:                                                                                            website:                                                                                      

DATE OF SALE:                                                  
Dog’s registered name:                                                                                                                    color:                                                      

AKC reg#:                                            sex:                                    breed:      ROTTWEILER      date whelped:                                          

call name:                                                                        microchip #                                                                                                              
DOB:                                                            AKC#                                                            color:                                                                      
               Open/Full AKC Registration:  
This dog seems to be of “Showing/Breeding” quality and has no disqualifying faults at the time of purchase. This dog must be OFA certified free
of hip and heart defect before the age of 28 months and
must be shown to it’s conformation champion title(s) and/or working titles. Dogs sold
with Full AKC Registration will be on a co-ownership with seller until required health certifications are passed by OFA, at which time seller will
release full ownership to buyer. It is also recommended that this dog be OFA certified free of eye defect and OFA screened for elbow defect.
This dog seems to be of “Pet” quality and/or is being sold as a companion animal only.  It should never be used for breeding stock. This dog
may or may not have disqualifying faults at the time of purchase and is to be spayed/neutered not prior to 12 months of age for
females, 24
months of age for
males. (Registration papers may be withheld until proof of sterilization.)
purchase price:  $                                         (US dollars)
Any charges and/or fees related to shipping of this dog, are
additional to the purchase price and will be detailed on a separate form.
deposit received  $                                          date received:                                                                 balance due  $                                        
(deposit is not to be less than $500.00 and is non-refundable)                                                                                                     (balance due prior to buyer taking possession)
seller reserves the right to:                    stud service(s) to any female of the same breed owned or co-owned by the seller as chosen by seller.
                                                            pick puppy(s) from                 litter(s) with the seller selecting the stud for the breeding(s).
Should the buyer no longer be able to care for this dog, the seller reserves first right of refusal for no more than 50% of purchase price.
This dog is never to be sold, co-owned, given away, traded, etc., to any other party other than the seller unless otherwise agreed upon, in
writing, by the seller.
1.       Dog’s registration papers will be given to buyer within 6 months of taking possession of dog.  A puppy package including health records
for the puppy, photos of parents, copies of parents' registrations and pedigrees,and copies of parents’ health clearances and titles shall be
given at time of purchase along with feeding and care instructions. Here at
BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS, we will be available for breeder
support to answer questions and offer help for the life of the dog. If for any reason you are unable to keep this dog, it will have a home with us,
BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS, for its entire life. The name BLACK MASK shall be used as the prefix in the above dog’s registered name
and all advertising of said dog should include the dog’s full registered name and the name of the breeder.
2.       Buyer will not sell or give the above dog or any offspring from the above dog to any retail/wholesale pet stores nor to anyone intending
to breed for commercial resale or to any breeder who is unethical. Any resulting offspring of said dog, must be sold on a written contract, of
which, must be approved by seller. Copies of puppy buyer information must be sent to seller.  We insist on knowing the location of all offspring.
This dog is never to be bred to any dog other than an
AKC registered rottweiler that, at the very least, has hips and heart that have been OFA
certified free of defect. This dog is
NOT to be bred prior to 24 months of age and must have hips and heart, at the very least, certified by OFA
as free of defect. Should this dog be bred prior to 24 months of age and/or prior to being certified by OFA as being free of hip and heart
defect, or has been bred to a dog that does not meet the same criteria, buyer will be required to pay a fine in the sum of $3,000.00 to the
OR proof of pregnancy termination must be signed by a licensed veterinarian and sent to seller. Should such a violation occur, said dog
is to be spayed/neutered as soon as possible with signed documentation of sterilization sent to seller. Any money made from the sale of
resulting offspring, from the above violation, must be donated to a rottweiler rescue of the seller choosing.
3.       All dogs sold by BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS have received the medical inoculations and worming appropriate for the age of the dog
and is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of purchase.  A licensed veterinarian shall check this dog within 72 hours, or 3 business
days, of buyer taking possession.  Should a licensed veterinarian prove this dog in poor health or dead, the dog shall be returned to the
breeder and be replaced with a dog of equal value (when one is available) or a refund of purchase price may be warranted
at the discretion of
the seller
.  Signed documentation from said veterinarian must be provided to seller before a replacement or refund will be offered.
4.       Any dog sold on an Open/ Full AKC Registration must be OFA certified clear of having any hip and heart defect by 28 months and be
shown to it’s conformation champion title(s) and/or working titles.  Dogs sold with an Open/Full AKC Registration will be sold on
only, until such a time as that the dog has received the required health clearances and titles. When said requirements have been met, seller
will release complete ownership to buyer. Seller reserves the right to show this dog in the “Bred by Exhibitor” class during the co-ownership
period.  Should this dog fail to pass OFA hips and receive a mild HD rating, a second opinion by a licensed veterinarian, of seller’s choosing, is
required and radiographs are to be resubmitted to OFA, at buyer’s expense. Should said dog be determined to be moderate or severe HD by
OFA, a second opinion by a licensed veterinarian, of seller’s choosing, is required and radiographs are to be resubmitted to OFA, at seller’s
expense. If, after the second submission of radiographs, this dog still cannot pass OFA hips or a heart defect is confirmed, then said dog is to
be returned to breeder and will be replaced with a dog of breed/show quality (when one is available).  If buyer decides not to return said dog to
seller, buyer agrees to have said dog spayed/neutered and must send written proof of sterilization to seller.  Buyer will be refunded $250.00
when seller receives proof of sterilization and no replacement puppy will be offered.
5.       Any dog sold on a Limited AKC Registration are done so with a mandatory spay/neuter clause and no hip/heart guarantee. Dogs sold
in this manner must be spayed/neutered not prior to 12 months of age for
females, 24 months of age for males. We insisst that the growth
plates on this puppy be closed prior to spaying/neutering to insure proper growth and to minimize potential resk of certain cancers.
Registration papaers may be withheld until proof of sterilization has been sent to seller. Buyers of a dog sold on a Limited AKC Registration as
pet/companion animals are also encouraged to have said dog OFA cleared of having hip dysplasia and any heart defects, but
this is not
required nor is it guaranteed
for dogs sold in this manner.
6.       All dogs sold by BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS, must receive basic obedience training by 8 months of age and have adequate living
conditions appropriate for the breed. This means a fenced yard or equivalent with adequate shelter. This dog is never to ride in the back of an
open pick up truck without being crated and is never to be tied out. It shall always have access to the family home and is never to spend its
entire life as an outdoor dog. This dog is being sold as a family companion first and a working/showing dog second. Should the seller deem
that this dog is being used for inappropriate purposes, the buyer will forfeit ownership back to the seller.  The buyer agrees to maintain this
dog in good health at all times. If the seller deems that the maintenance of this dog is inadequate, either emotionally or physically, the buyer
will forfeit ownership back to the seller.  Any legal fees accrued in the repossession of said dog because of misuse, neglect, or abuse of any
kind, shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer as well as any costs of rehabilitating said dog.  Additional fees may be required from the
buyer depending on the severity and condition of said dog and at the sole discretion of the seller at time of repossession.
7.       Buyer will send pictures and updates of dog to seller at age 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months, and every year after that
for tracking purposes. Should the buyer move or relocate residence during the life of this dog, the seller must be informed of new address and
new contact information for buyer within 30 days of relocation. We must know where this dog is at all times. If said dog should pass away by
natural causes or otherwise, the seller must be informed within 30 days of the dogs death. All dogs sold by
be microchipped/tattooed by the age of 4 months, naming
BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS as the alternative contact for the microchip/tattoo
registry.  Copies of all OFA and other health certifications must be sent to seller for our records.
8.    The seller warrants that the puppy being sold is registered with the American kennel Club and is the progeny of registered, titled and
health certified parents that both in type and temperament, meet the AKC standard for the rottweiler breed. The buyer may
NOT alter or
change this dogs registered name in any way. The seller
does not warrant the behavior of this dog since most behavior problems and
aggression are a result of poor ownership, either inadequate socialization or improper training. This is why it is imperative that this dog be well
socialized and has at least basic obedience by no later than 8 months of age. All puppy buyers are encouraged to show and title their puppies,
whether it be conformation, obedience, or any other venue that will allow you to interact with you new puppy in a positive learning environment.
Should you need assistance, the breeder/seller will always be available for puppy buyer support.
9.    All guarantees are rendered null and void if the requirements are not met within the specified time frame and/or the failure of said health
clearances are a direct result of the environment or the upbringing of this dog (i.e. Improper food, allowing said dog to jump or run up and
down stairs, etc).
The undersigned, having read and fully understand the conditions of this contract, do hereby agree to uphold all provisions
and covenants set forth in this agreement.  Breeder/Seller shall be held harmless for any damages, settlements, or
judgments resulting from injuries sustained from this dog or the mismanagement of this dog.  This contract shall be deemed
a legally binding contract and is non-transferable.  It is understood that this contract is being entered into in the state of
Washington, USA, and is legally bound by the laws of that state.  This contract is being entered into and enforced to insure
the well being of this dog and the reputation of the Rottweiler breed.  This document represents the entire agreement
between the buyer and the seller and all other arrangements, either expressed or implied, not listed within this contract, are
rendered null and void.
Buyer(s) signature                                                                                                                          date                                                
Seller(s) signature                                                                                                                          date                                                
Tracy L. Matty, Black Mask Rottweilers
Definition of “Co-Ownership” as it applies to this contract:
The term “co-ownership” as indicated in the above terms is in name only. The buyer is responsible for all expenses as they occur in the care
and upbringing of the above described dog and the breeder/seller will, in no way, be held legally or financially liable for the actions of said dog.
This co-ownership is to protect the dog, its offspring and the reputation of the breeder and in no way is a reflection of the ability of the buyer to
care for this dog. (If we didn’t trust you, we wouldn’t sell to you in the first place.) The co-ownership merely allows us, the breeder/seller, to
control the reproduction of the above dog. As soon as this dog has passed the required health clearances and titles as detailed above and is
24 months of age (or dog has been rendered sterile), copies of health certifications and/or sterilization must be received by the breeder/seller,
the breeder/seller will sign off and release complete ownership to the buyer.  Should the buyer die or otherwise no longer be capable of caring
for this dog, the dog is to be returned to the breeder/seller and the appropriate paperwork is to be signed and complete ownership is to be
released back to breeder/seller.
The following spay/neuter clause must be completed and signed by anyone purchasing a pet/companion animal.
I, _____________________________________________(buyer) agree that if I am purchasing an animal that is not already spayed
or neutered, I will have said dog sterilized (spay/neutered) not prior to 12 months of age for
females, 24 months of age for males.  
Proof of the sterilization signed by a licensed veterinarian will be given to
Black Mask Rottweilers. I understand that this dogs is being
sold with
Limited AKC Registration papers that may be withheld until proof of sterilization is sent to the breeder/seller. Any offspring
resulting from the breeding of this dog prior to being sterilized  will never be able to be registered with the AKC or any other registry
and will be considered a breach of contract, the consequences for such a breach is outline above. Should I fail to sterilize said dog
and/or send proof of sterilization to
Black Mask Rottweilers within the allotted time period, I will forfeit said dog back to Black Mask
. I understand that any legal fees accrued in the repossession of said dog by BLACK MASK ROTTWEILERS, the
breeder/seller, shall be my sole responsibility, the buyer.
Buyer(s) signature__________________________________________________________ date___________________
Buyer(s) signature                                                                                                                          date                                                
               Limited AKC Registration:   
This dog is being purchased for:
(check on)
DOB:                                                            AKC#                                                            color:                                                                      
Tracy Matty, Black Mask Rottweilers