call name:  Savannah
WR02784504, dob  02/23/01, 94lbs, 60cm (23 1/2in.)
Savannah is our residence couch potato and bed warmer. She was originally bought as a Birthday present for
Liz after the loss of her girl, Shamu. For years we owned and fostered rescue rotties and Savannah was our
first "purchased" registered rottweiler. We were naive, like most people are, and thought she was a wonderful
example of a rottweiler. Size, color, temperament, but as I said we were very naive. We knew nothing of health
clearances, nor did we even know what the OFA was. So, like the blind, leading the blind, we took our
wonderful pet and bred her to another wonderful pet. Not being motivated by money nor the desire to be
"breeders", we merely wanted a pup for ourselves to fill the void left behind from the loss of Jake.  There were
three in the litter, one is placed in a loving pet home and the other two have been show to their Can Ch. titles,
UCI Int'l Ch. title, as well as CGN, CGC, TT, HIC,'s and a RN. They have, by far, exceeded our every
Savannah at 6 months
Savannah at 10 weeks playing with her best bud,
Savannah at 12 weeks
Savannah at 8 weeks
when we brought her home